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Wind of Change #FSBletters

#WindofChange Silicone Wristbands

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Purchase your #WindofChange Silicone Wristbands to support Ukraine & help bring an end to this nightmare.

Proceeds from your purchase of the #WindofChange wristbands will be evenly split between:

1. A Ukrainian humanitarian aid charity. Chosen charity will be announced publicly along with amount donated on a rolling basis.

2. Vladimir Osechkin's project to defeat Putin - Russian human-rights activist exiled in France since 2015. The recipient of the #FSBletters from the #WindofChange inside the FSB (KGB).

3. Igor Sushko's project to defeat Putin - The translator of the #FSBletters into English, conducting strategic information warfare activities in order to remove Putin from power to bring an end to the genocide in Ukraine.

We expect US/Canada orders placed prior to April 6th to be delivered to you by around April 15th, and hopefully well before then.